ALLFIX was born in the 1970s. In a few years, ALLFIX became a well-known and appreciated brand in Italy and abroad thanks to the production of reliable and innovative products and assembly systems with an excellent quality / price ratio. In 2008 ALLFIX was taken over with renewed ambition by “ALLFIX Italia srl” which moved its administrative and operational headquarters to Ragusa – Italy. The headquarters of Allfix Italia srl ​​currently spread over an area of ​​3,000 sqm with an automated warehouse and a functional computer system that guarantee logistical efficiency and punctual delivery


1. Focused in the construction sector and hardware only
2. AllFix specializes in new, patented, fixing solutions
3. High flexibility and customization to accommodate our customers
Allfix is able to ensure:
-Flexibility in volumes.
-No (MOQ) Minimum Order required.
-Flexibility in packaging containers:
envelopes, plastic cans, cardboard boxes, blisters and modular kits of different sizes
4. Private label
Allfix Italia is able to design and supply private labels and
customized production
6. Maximum product reliability and technical assistance
7. Speed and punctuality in deliveries
8. Support in the design of the shelf display for sales optimization
9. AllFix manufactures and distributes to major European brands